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    Narayan Ghat
    Vallabhsadan Ashram

    Vallabh Sadan is a Vaishnava Temple (Haveli) of the Pushtimargiya Vaishnav sect. The presiding deity of the temple, just like in other temples of this sect, is Lord Shri Krishna. The temple is open for visitors for specific time periods from early morning to late evening. The temple is visited by devotees of the pushtimarg sect and is named after "Vallabh-acharya ji" - the founder of the sect and the propounder of "Shuddha Adwait" philosophy. Elaborate rituals and guidelines laid out by Pushti-acharyas are followed in the temple.

    The temple sees a large number of devotees thronging to get the "darshan" of Lord Shri Krishna during the festival of Janmashtami. It is situated in the Ellisbridge area of Ahmedabad city. The distance of the temple from Ahmedabad Airport is about 10 kilometres and from Kalupur Railway Station is about 4 kilometres.