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    Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS)

    Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has incorporated a "Special Purpose Vehicle" called Ahmedabad Janmarg Ltd in order to run and to operate BRTS buses. Ahmedabad Janmarg Ltd. is registered under Companies Act, 1956 and is 100% subsidiary of Amdavad Municipal Corporation. In order to provide faster, reliable, eco-friendly and advanced Public Transportation Ahmedabad Janmarg Ltd is committed to operate and run BRTS services for the citizen of Ahmedabad.

    Ahmedabad Janmarg Ltd has 101 km operational route with 228 (all A.C.) buses and about 1.60 lakhs average passengers per day, further AJL has planned to bring the new more electrical buses to support go green in new future. AJL will try to provide last point connectivity to BRTS users through trunk & feeder operation and committed to provide safe and clean, comfortable and pollution free public transportation to citizens.

    Following are the characteristics of Ahmedabad BRTS:

    (1) Dedicated Corridor and Route Design:
    In order to provide faster, safer and reliable service, Ahmedabad Janmarg Ltd has a dedicated lane which is specially designed for BRTS buses. The entry of all other vehicle is prohibited inside BRT corridor and is supported by notification of Police Commissioner.

    (2) Bus

    The Favourable feature like Euro III and IV 210 HP engines, two wide central doors and both sides for easy boarding and alighting for passengers, 9 & 12 meters long bus, automatic transmission etc., BRTS buses are incorporated into design is accepted by Bus Code of India.

    (3) Bus Operation

    In order to bring safer and comfortable journey, all system operators are well trained by experts on technical and behavioural aspects. Routine medical check-ups and Yoga sessions are also organized to keep fitness for all system operators who are also well trained for proper docking at stations and completing trips on time.

    (4) Bus Shelter

    Janmarg's bus shelters are secured and comfortable with proper sitting arrangements and security guards. With real time passengers' information system, commuters can inquire next bus information on Public Information Display. Janmarg has also installed CCTV cameras at all bus shelters & Buses. Each bus shelters have automatic doors for boarding and alighting in bus and Turnstiles barriers for Janmarg card validation.

    (5) Information Technology System

    As all buses are equipped with GPS, GPRS and all stations are equipped with wireless connectivity, real time vehicle tracking, bunching, breakdowns of buses, emergency situations etc are controlled by Command & Control Centre Each bus is monitored and controlled for speed and trip time. In every bus, there is passenger information system for real time announcement and display to facilitate the passengers

    (6) Smartcard and Real time ticketing

    Off board real time ticketing facilitates commuters for single journey through paper ticketing. Routine passengers uses smartcards, to which can be recharged in the multiple of Rs 50 from any station.

    (7) Acceptance of all segment of society

    Janmarg is accessible for all sections of society. Special provision for wheelchairs is available inside the bus and ramp on station are provided in order to facilitate physically challenged persons. Track tiles and linear tracks provided for blind peoples. System design is adaptive for social inclusiveness and social realities.

    (8) Award & Achievements.

    Ahmedabad Janmarg Ltd has won many accolades for the implementation of sustainable BRTS Operation.

    • National Award for "Best Mass Transit Rapid System Project - 2009" from Government of India.
    • International Award for "Sustainable Transport Award - 2010" at Washington DC, USA.
    • International Award for "Outstanding Innovations in Public Transportation - 2010" from UITP, Germany.
    • National Award for "Best Innovation Project Towards Improvement in Urban Mobility in the City of Ahmedabad through New Technological Innovations in Janmarg BRTS - 2010" from Government of India.
    • International Award for Design - "Daring Ambition Award and Knowledge and Research Award - 2011" at 59th UITP World Congress, Dubai.
    • National Award for "Award for Excellence in the category of Best ITS Project - 2011" from Government of India.
    • International Award for "Momentum for Change 2012" was given by United Nations in the light house activities conference, held on 5th December 2012 at Doha, Qatar
    • Ahmedabad Janmarg Limited -AJL has won one award at 60th UITP World Congress, Geneva on 27th May, 2013. AJL-AMC have received award in the category of 'UITP India Political Commitment Award'. This award was given by Mr. Peter Hendy, President Elect UITP, in the presence of other UITP delegates from all over the world and delegates from India.
    • Markenomy Awards 2013- Award for " Best Urban Infra Mass Transport Project" from Falcon Media at Mumbai, 26th Sept 2013.
    • HUDCO Award for best practices to improve the living environment February 2014 At New Delhi.
    • UITP Award Milan Italy June 2015 Finalist Public Transport Strategy Award AMC Ahmedabad India.
    • After taking the charge of ITMS by Smart City we have won another 5 awards.

    For more information visit BRTS Web-site