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    Will Rogers rightly said that the road to success is dotted with many tempting parking spaces.

    In the era of rapid urbanization and technology advancements, general populace spend considerable timeline in fishing for a parking space. The immediate impact results in traffic snarls and ever-increasing pollution level. It is estimated that annually more than 25% of the vehicular congestion happens because the drivers are trying to secure a parking space.

    The ever-growing urban vehicular count and un-certainty in the parking availability have forced the policy makers to bring a unique solution for the rescue of the cities. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) based Smart Parking is considered to be an cornerstone for making parking more efficient and user friendly. Smart parking system is Intelligent Parking Systems that delivers safe and efficient parking management with unparalleled customer service satisfaction. The intelligent parking system informs, directs, guides and assists the users with the parking space availability while reducing the time and stress spent to find a parking place.

    The envisaged Smart Parking Project scope caters to develop a user-friendly mobile app that can be implemented in a parking lots for both on street, off street parking, by giving real-time parking updates and easing the parking hassles to a great extent. The mobile application will be having four modules namely User module catering to User Registration and Login, User Dashboard, Current user location, Live Navigation map, Nearby Parking Lot, Online Booking of Parking space, Real time fare calculation, Booking History management, while Administrator module will cater to Fare Management, Vehicle Classifier Management, Revenue Generation etc.

    The other two modules being Enforcement module will have the ability to Attendant Access to have inbuilt QR code reading facility for the visitors who availed mobile app based online parking mechanism, MIS Report Tool, Provision for AMC Flying Squad to check if the parking of vehicles is time bound and provision of parking the vehicles towed from the non-reserved parking space, while Concessionaire module will focus on the Booking History Management, Revenue Management, Loyalty Coupons and Parking Space Management.

    The users can pre-book the parking lot as per the travel plan and pay in advance through payment gateways like MWallet / Paytm, Credit/ Debit Card/Janmitra/ Cash etc.

    The envisaged Smart Parking approach and the aligned benefits are being attempted to conceptualize through the User Journey Map.