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    Heritage Monuments/Sites

    Zone-wise list of Monuments / Sites in Ahmedabad City under Archaeological Survey of India

    Sr. No. Zone Nos.
    1 Central Zone 32
    2 North Zone 3
    3 West Zone 3
    4 South Zone 8
    5 East Zone 1
    6 New West Zone 7
      Total 54

    Monuments / Sites in Ahmedabad City

    Sr. No. Name of the Monument/Site Zone Location
    1 Three gates besides Bhadrakali temple Central Ahmedabad
    2 Bhadra Tower Central Ahmedabad
    3 Sidi Saiyad's Masjid Central Ahmedabad
    4 Ahmed Shah's Mosque Central Ahmedabad
    5 Teen Darwaja or Tripolia Gate Central Ahmedabad
    6 Shah Khupai's Masjid Central Ahmedabad
    7 Jami Masjid Central Ahmedabad
    8 Tombs of Queens of Ahmed Shah Central Ahmedabad
    9 Ahmad Shah's Tomb Central Ahmedabad
    10 Panch Kuwa gate Central Ahmedabad
    11 Queen's Mosque in Sarangpur Central Ahmedabad
    12 Tomb near queen's Mosque in Sarangpur Central Ahmedabad
    13 Brick Minars at railway station platform Central Ahmedabad
    14 Sidi Bashir's Minar & Tomb Central Ahmedabad
    15 Delhi Gate Central Ahmedabad
    16 Kutub Shah's Mosque Central Ahmedabad
    17 Dastur Khan's Masjid Central Ahmedabad
    18 Rani Sipri's Mosque & Tomb Central Ahmedabad
    19 Astodia Gate Central Ahmedabad
    20 Kalulpur Gate Central Ahmedabad
    21 Sarangpur Gate Central Ahmedabad
    22 Dariya-pur Gate Central Ahmedabad
    23 Premabhai Gate Central Ahmedabad
    24 Achyut Bibi's Masjid & Tomb Central Ahmedabad
    25 Dariya Khan's Tomb Central Ahmedabad
    26 Muhafiz Khan's Mosque Central Ahmedabad
    27 Rani Rupavati's Mosque Central Ahmedabad
    28 Shahpur or Kazi Mohmad Chisti's Masjid Central Ahmedabad
    29 Raipur Gate Central Ahmedabad
    30 Haibatkhan's Masjid Central Ahmedabad
    31 Nawab Sardar Khan Masjid and outer gate in survey No 6814 Central Ahmedabad
    32 Nawab Sardar Khan's Rouza with its compound bearing C.S.No 6811 Central Ahmedabad
    33 Bibiji's Masjid at Raipur East Ahmedabad
    34 Saiyyad Usman's Mosque & Tomb West Ahmedabad
    35 Small stone Mosque (Rani Masjid) West Ahmedabad
    36 Rauza of Azam Khan Mauzzam Khan West Ahmedabad
    37 Mata Bhawani's Well North Ahmedabad
    38 Dada Harir's Mosque & Tomb North Ahmedabad
    39 Dada (Bai ) Harir's Well North Ahmedabad
    40 Malik Alam's Mosque South Ahmedabad
    41 Shah Alam's Tomb with all surrounding buildings in the group South Ahmedabad
    42 Inlet to Kankaria Tank South Ahmedabad
    43 Baba Lului's Masjid South Ahmedabad
    44 Tomb of Mir Abu Turab South Ahmedabad
    45 Jethabhai's Stepwell South Isanpur
    46 Small Stone Masjid (Gumle Masjid) South Isanpur
    47 Tombs (Qutub-i-Alam) South Batva
    48 Great Mosque New West (Sarkhej Roza)
    49 Great Tank, Palace & Harem New West Makarba (Sarkhej Roza)
    50 Pavilion before the tomb of Sheikh Ahmed (Khata Ganj Baksh) New West Makarba (Sarkhej Roza)
    51 Rauza's of Baba Alisar and Bawa Ganj Bhaks New West Makarba (Sarkhej Roza)
    52 Tomb of Bibi (Rani ) Rajbai New West Makarba (Sarkhej Roza)
    53 Tomb of Mohammed Begarh New West Makarba (Sarkhej Roza)
    54 Tomb of Shaikh Ahmed Khata Ganj Baksh New West Makarba (Sarkhej Roza)

    Monuments / Sites at other locations of Ahmedabad District

    Sr. No. Name of the Monument/Site Location District
    1 Jami Masjid Dholka Ahmedabad
    2 Malav Tank Dholka Ahmedabad
    3 Khan Masjid Dholka Ahmedabad
    4 Mosque of Balal (Bahlol) Khan Gazi Dholka Ahmedabad
    5 Ruined Building Dholka Ahmedabad
    6 Ancient site at Lothal Saragwala Ahmedabad
    7 Masjid of Rajusha Pir Ranpur Ahmedabad
    8 Jami Masjid Mandal Ahmedabad
    9 Kazi Masjid Mandal Ahmedabad
    10 Saiyad Masjid Mandal Ahmedabad
    11 Mansar Talav & shrines Viramgam Ahmedabad

    Monuments protected by the Directorate of Archaeology, Govt. of Gujarat

    Sr. No. Name of the Monument Location District
    1 Amrit Varshini Vav Ahmedabad Ahmedabad
    2 Dutch Tomb    
    3 Prachin Masjid Isanpur  
    4 Prachin Vav Kathvada  
    5 Jaldwar valu Khan Talav Dholka Ahmedabad