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    The city of Ahmedabad is endowed with a rich architectural heritage that is vital to the local identity and continuity of the place. The foremost heritage assets are the Indo-Islamic monuments of the 15th to 17th centuries: the Jama Masjid, the Teen Darwaza, the Bhadra Gate and Tower and the Tombs of Queen and King located in the historic core, the remaining sections of the original fort wall, 12 original gates and a number of other monuments protected by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). Besides these monuments, there are potential heritage precincts in the form of the Pols, the traditional residential clusters of the medieval period, which makes Ahmedabad exceptional. A large enclave of the Maratha period and many fine examples of colonial era architecture also survive in the Walled city.

    Click here to download the List of Heritage Buildings within the City of Ahmedabad.