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    Lambha Baliyadev Temple
    Lambha Baliyadev Temple

    This temple was constructed in the year 1996. The presiding deity of this temple is "Baliyadevji" who, as per legend, is the grandson of "Mahabali Bheem". Thousands visit the temple to seek protection from calamity, misfortune and ill-health. The temple is known for its prasad of "bundi" (sweetened fried balls of chickpea flour). Along with being a centre of faith, the temple vicinity is also a leisure spot for families to visit on holidays.

    The temple is located in the town of "Lambha", at a distance of 10 kilometres from the central area of Ahmedabad city. It is at a distance of 12 kilometres (approximately) from Kalupur railway station and 22 kilometres from Ahmedabad Airport.