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    Vaishnovdevi Temple
    ISKCON Temple

    ISKCON is the abbreviation for International Society for Krishna Consciousness. This temple depicts Lord Krishna with his beloved lover Radha, who is regarded as the epitome of true love. Also called as the Hare Krishna Temple, ISKCON temple situates in a vast area with lovely trees, which gives a serene and tranquil environ to the devotees.

    Temple has much spacious interiors compared to its exterior portions. Huge halls decorated with beautiful chandeliers attributes the devoutness of the shrine. Prayer sessions in the temple provide a soothing feeling to the devotees as the entire ambiance would be filled with the chanting of hymns and Keertans. Janmashtami and Nand Mahotsav are the two auspicious days in the temple, which witnesses' great participation of devotees.

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