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Water Project Department constantly liazons with the State Government to get required quantity of raw water from Narmada Main canal and Shedhi Branch canal.

Water Project Department is monitoring the supply of clear water from Water Treatment Plant to Different Water Distribution stations located accross the city round the clock.

Raw water is treated by different Water Treatment Plants and converted to portable water as per CPHEEO norms. Operation and Maintenance of Water Treatment Plants is also the responsibility of this Department

For the future requirement of water supply; different projects are carried out by water project division. Works related to Operation, maintenance & monitoring of treated water supplied to the different water distribution stations of city is carried out by the Department.

Different Sources of Water & Treatment facilities of the city are listed below:

Source of Water

Sr No. Particulars Current Capacity
A Kotarpur WTP
1 Narmada main canal - HR(Gravity-I ) 330 MLD
2 Intakewell I at Kotarpur 165 MLD
3 Intakewell II at Kotarpur 330 MLD
B Jaspur WTP
4 Dholka branch canal 275 MLD
C Dudheswar WTP
5 Sabarmati river 70 MLD
D Raska WTP
6 Shedhi branch canal 200 MLD
7 Frenchwells - 7Nos 170 MLD
8 Borewells 300 MLD
Total 1840 MLD

Treatment Facilities

Sr No. Particulars Current Capacity
1 Kotarpur Water treatment plant 650 MLD
2 Jaspur water treatment plant 275 MLD
3 Santram(Raska) water treatment plant 200 MLD
4 Dudheswar water treatment plant 75 MLD
Total 1200 MLD

Infrastructure Availability

1 Trunk main facility
MD/CI/DI water pipeline - Total length 250 Km
2 Storage capacity
Under ground tank with pump house(155 Nos) 995.47 ML
3 Distribution Network facility
CI/DI water pipeline - Total length 3600 Km

Organization Structure of the Department

Water Project Department

Roles & Functions / Objectives of Departments

Construction of New water distribution stations as per requirements in newly merged areas as well as existing fast developing areas are constructed by water project department. Water pipeline network for this newly constructed WDS will also be laid by water project department.

Augmentation in the infrastructure like Sources of raw water, Construction of new treatment plants &laying of trunk main feeder line is done by water project department.

Provide Wholesome, Adequate, Regular Daily Water Supply To All Citizens.

AMC Is Planning To Stop The Use Of Ground Water Source Completely By Coming Years for supply Of Safe Drinking Water (As Per Drinking Water Standards) to citizens

100% area & population coverage by surface water supply

Projects Undertaken by the Department

Initiatives taken by the Department

Having experienced the short fall in water from Sabarmati River and ground water sources the following new source augmentation schemes were commissioned:

Kotarpur Water treatment Plant

650 MLD water treatment plant was constructed from 1983 to 1987, but surface water source from Dharoi was not adequate, It was not commissioned.

The Narmada canal alignment was planned by GoG u/s of Kotarpur water works and escape in the river Sabarmati was constructed and commissioned. So that Narmada canal water was available in the river to pick up this water, AMC has planned Intake well work in two phases.

165 MLD Intake well-1 at Kotarpur Water Works was constructed & commissioned at the cost of Rs. 2.02 crores in year 2003

330 MLD Intake well-2 at Kotarpur Water Works was constructed & commissioned at the cost of Rs. 8.4 crores in year 2006 under JnNURM project.

Dudheswar Water Works & seven French wells were come in operation from August 2002. Thereafter to develop an assured source, work of gravity mains was conceptualized.

Gravity line of 2500 mm dia from Narmada main canal to Kotarpur water works is laid in December 2006 & commissioned from January 2007. By this gravity line AMC getting 330 MLD water to Kotarpur water works

Raska Project

To meet with the increasing water demand for the growing population, the water from Mahi canal through Raska weir water supply project about 300 MLD of water was planned out & commissioned in April 2000 at the project cost of Rs. 120 crores and was constructed & commissioned in record time of 180 days .

Mahi river water is diverted from Vanakbori weir through Mahi canal to Shedhi branch canal tail end near Zinger village. Raw water pump house is constructed at the tail end of Shedhi branch canal to take 130 cusec water. This water pumped to Kotarpur water works through 32 km length of 2100 mm dia M.S. pipeline with inner lining & outside mortar coating. The raw water pump house has 6 Nos. of vertical turbine pumps each having capacity of 3410 mt³/hr.

Jaspur water treatment plant

Narmada canal water based Jaspur water treatment plant of 275 MLD capacity is planned, constructed & commissioned for new West Zone area of Ahmedabad in the year November 2006 and the same is augmented to 400 MLD capacity in year 2014.

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