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UCD(UrbanCommunityDevelopment) Department runs different activities related to public health, education, employment and public awareness. In collaboration with different Government Sponsored NGOs (Non-Government Organizations), UCD Department also conductsdifferent vocational trainingclassesfor the urban poor bycharging anominalfee.

UCD Department is the implementing agency of the following Government Welfare Schemes for the upliftment of the Urban Community:

  • MissionMangalam(Urban)Yojna
  • SarvarSahayPramanpatra
  • Umeed Training Program

Over and above that UCD Department also provides the following service

  • Receiving and Processing Applications for Correction in BPL Card

Mission Mangalam

Mission Manglam(urban)Yojna was initiated by a special resolution of Urban Development Department, Govt.Of Gujarat on 15th February, 2012.

The basic intention of the scheme is to provide self-employment to groups of women belonging to urban poor families of the city by upgrading their skill.

Under this scheme, urban poor women are organised into Self-help Groups (SHG)/Sakhi Mandals. Minimum strength of members of the group is 10 women were as maximum strength of members is limited to twenty. 70% members of the Group BPL families.These Sakhi Mandals are then linked to Banks.

The Government provides RevolvingFundto eachGroupsubject to the following criteria:

  • The Group must run successfully for six months and every member of the group must saveat-least INR 100 per month.
  • Bank grades the Group on a scale of 1-12 and the Group must get a Grading of at-least 8.

The maximum amount of Revolving Fund will be INR25000/-perGroup.

Umeed Training Program

Umeed is a youth employment program that aims toprovide vocational training to unemployed youth belonging to urban poor community, who could not complete formal education.

Young men and women, aged between 18 and 35 and from poor and vulnerable families can become part of the Umeed Program.

In-order to ensure employment of youth, training courses are designed keeping in mind market/industry needs and trends. With the help of market based innovative training module and Government of Gujarat empaneled NGO'sparticipation,Umeedis being successfully implemented in Corporationarea. The training is normally for a duration of 3 months and covers 150 to 300hours. This program is implemented with the help of 9 NGOs at 18 Centers spread across the City.

Awards received for Umeed Program

AMC's UMEED program was presented "Best Practices to Improve the Living Environment'' award for the year 2012-2013. Award was in the form of TROPHY, Cheque for INR100000 and Certificate. Award was presented by the CMD (HUDCO) Mr. Poligar at New Delhi.

Courses offered by Umeed

Sr.No. Name of Course
1 CustomerRelations&Sales(CRS)
2 BusinessProcessOutsourcing(BPO)
3 Logistics
4 Multi-skill
5 Hospitality
6 Hotelmanagement
7 Bedsitepatientassistant(BSPA)
8 Retail
9 Electrical
10 Tally
11 Driving
12 EnglishSpeaking
13 ComputerHardware
14 InformationTechnology&EnableService(ITES)
15 BeautyParlor
16 MobileRepairing
17 D.T.P

Umeed:Financing Pattern

The financing mechanism of UMEED as per GR of Urban Development & Urban Housing Department, GoGis as follows:

Description Amount in INR (per beneficiary)
StateShare 3500
NGO(Implementingagency) 500
BeneficiaryContribution 500
Total Expenditure per Beneficiary 4500

Below Poverty Line (BPL)

Summary of BPLFamilies under the scheme Swarna Jayanti Shehri Rojgar Yojna is as under

Description No of families
BPLfamiliesasperPrimaryList 167805
BPLfamiliesasperSupplementaryList 5488
BPLfamiliesofnewwestzone 20348
Total BPL Families 243038

BPLcard is issued to issues to BPL families and if and if nominal mistakes is there in BPLcard the application is entertained by UCD department. The application for misattached here with.

Sarvar Sahay Pramanpatra

Sarvar Sahay Pramanpatra is issued for Civil Hospital and V.S Hospitalas per Muni. Commissioner Resolution No.20 Date:20.02.2013 and Resolution No.14 dated 28.08.13 to those families who are not included in BPLfamilies list of AMC.

Sarvar Sahay Pramanpatra is issued for Diseases like

  • Cardiovascularsurgeries
  • Neurosurgeries
  • Burns
  • PolyTrauma
  • Cancer (Malignancies)
  • Renal(Kidney)
  • Neonatal (newborn)Diseases4

Necessary documentsthat need to be provided for obtaining Sarvar Sahay Pramanpatra are:

  • Ration Card
  • Case paper of hospital
  • Tax bill of Muni. Corporation
  • Copy of Expenses Statement given by the hospital
  • Income certificate issued by the Taluka Mamlatdar/Deputy Mamlatdar/ Circle Officer
  • Recent passport size photograph of Applicant and patient

Forms and Documents for Download

Details of officials of the Department

Sr No Employee Name Designation Contact No.
1 Vora Prashantkumar R Director -
2 Ilaben M Dedhiya CO -
3 Ramesh S Kanjaria CO -
4 Jagdishkumar C Prajapati CO -
5 Vinodkumar L Damor CO -
6 Jagdishkumar B Gida CO -
7 Hargovindbhai L Desai CO -
8 Patel Pareshbhai Jagsibhai CO -
9 Patel Twinkalben Khemabhai CO -
10 Vaghela Ganshyambhai Mohanbhai CO -
11 Kharadi Prekshaben Sakrabhai CO -
12 Darji Maheshkumar Biharilal CO -
13 Wasim M Iyaz Aslam Typist -
14 Kamleshbhai H Shah Senior Clerk -
15 Mahendrabhai Goswami Senior Clerk -
16 Pushpaben Parmar Senior Clerk -
17 Abhishek R Kapadiya Junior Clerk -
18 Riyazzuddin F Shaikh Junior Clerk -
19 Rahemtulla I Pathan Labour -
20 Tulsidas B Vaishnav Attedent -
21 Ramanbhai thakor Supervisor -
22 Patel Aravind Ganeshlal ACO -
23 Mokariya Ashwini Vijaybhai ACO -
24 Bhatt Shivang Jatinkumar ACO -
25 Mer Rajeshbhai Ishwarbhai ACO -
26 Patel Jayeshkumar Laxmanbhai ACO -
27 Sharma Akshitkumar Kalpeshbhai ACO -
28 Modi Sanket Ashokbhai ACO -
29 Parmar Hareshkumar Ganpatbhai ACO -
30 Khatri Amiben Pankilmuar ACO -
31 Mansuri Inayatbanu Iqbalbhai ACO -
32 Boricha Najubhai Rambhai ACO -
33 Makawana Laljibhai Naranbhai ACO -
34 Parmar Prakashkumar Ramanbhai ACO -
35 Patel Mehulkumar A ACO -
36 Anjara Divyabahen Mavjibhai ACO -
37 Patel Pratikkumar Kamrajbhai ACO -
38 Patel Ashaben Dashrathbhai ACO -
39 Padhiyar Hiteshkumar Maganbhai ACO -
40 Rathod Rajneshkumar R ACO -
41 Taviyad Chandrakant L ACO -
42 Roz Manharsinh V ACO -
43 Talaviya Haresh C ACO -
44 Master Asifbhai Abdulbhai ACO -
45 Patil Chandrakant M ACO -
46 Postariya Parbat Arjanbhai ACO -
47 Goniya Selina M ACO -
48 Chaudhari Prakashbhai Budhabhai ACO -
49 Makwana Alpa M ACO -
50 Patel Darshanaben B ACO -
51 Rajput Ashaben Amrutji ACO -
52 Parmar Gautamkumar Bachubhai ACO -
53 Talapadakoli Jagadishbhai ACO -
54 Rathod Gayatrikumari Kiritsinh ACO -
55 Damor Rekhaben pahadsinh ACO -
56 Patel Utpalkumar Narandrabhai ACO -
57 Patel Chiragkumar Amrutbhai ACO -
58 Patel Piyushbhai Jagdishbhai ACO -
59 Pandya Nilam Chandrakant ACO -
60 Kothadiya Kinjal Rohitbhai ACO -
61 Vyas Vatsal Hitenbhai ACO -
62 Gediya Jayesh Bhikhubhai ACO -
63 Patel Sanjaykumar Govindbhai ACO -
64 Panchal Mayurkumar Chandubhai ACO -
65 Patel Paresh Rameshlal ACO -
66 Padaliya Truptiben Maganbhai ACO -
67 Gosai Kirangiri Kantigiri ACO -
68 Gameti Subhashkumar Punaji ACO -
69 Vasava Sanjaykumar Joshephbhai ACO -
70 Joshi Milankumar Vasantlal ACO -
71 Patel Minaben Dattukumar ACO -
72 Patel Sirishkumar Premabhai ACO -
73 Patel Hardik Vishnubhai ACO -
74 Patel Asmitaben Mehulkumar ACO -
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