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Amdavad Municipal Corporation (AMC) is appointed as the authority designated by the State Government of Gujarat to collect Profession Tax from Tax Payers from the whole city area within AMC limit.

As per Annexure 1 (B) of Employer & Professional Tax Annexure-1 category (2) to (10), Taxpayers have to pay their official Profession Tax to any city civic center of Amdavad Municipal Corporation.

Important Amendment in Profession Tax & questionnaires (FAQ) is prescribed in Forms no. 1, 3 & 5. Taxpayers should download same forms through the prescribed website of Amdavad Municipal Corporation.

Details of Officials of the Department

Zone Name Designation Contact No Email id
Central Office (Shops & Esta.) Debashish Banerjee Assessor & Tax Colletor 9327038845
Hiren Patel Dy. Assessor & Tax Collector,(Prof. Tax/Shops & Esta.). 9327038833
Central Nagrajan N. Naidu Dy. Assessor & Tax Collector 9328198729
Soniya Bhavsar Asst. Manager (Prof. Tax/Shops & Esta.) 9726245299,
North Dilip Patel Dy. Assessor & Tax Collector 9377482391
Arvind Jogi Asst. Manager (Prof. Tax/Shops & Esta.) 9727554918
South Dinesh Asari Dy. Assessor & Tax Collector 9327038738
Hitesh Jethava Asst. Manager (Prof. Tax/Shops & Esta.) 9978956486
East Kanaksinh Rohadiya Dy. Assessor & Tax Collector 9327038826
Ramsing Chaudhri (Incharge) Asst. Manager (Prof. Tax/Shops & Esta.) 9925021663
West Dipak Patel Dy. Assessor & Tax Collector 9327038810
Bharat Patel (Incharge) Asst. Manager (Prof. Tax/Shops & Esta.) 9376144750
North West Manish Shah Dy. Assessor & Tax Collector 9376195722
Nayan Gameti Asst. Manager (Prof. Tax/Shops & Esta.) 9327554920
South West Mukesh Patel Dy. Assessor & Tax Collector 9327038829
Rilesh Doriya Asst. Manager (Prof. Tax/Shops & Esta.) 9824049346

Payment Instruction

  • Each Commercial Institutional/Firms have to pay their Profession Tax as before 30th September each current Financial Year.
  • Cash or Cheque/Demand Draft should be payable in favor of "Municipal Commissioner, Ahmedabad" Payable at any City Civic Centre of AMC.

The professional Tax Rate for Individual/Firms

Sr.No. Individual/ Firms Annual Rate Rs.
1 All Advocates, Solicitors, Notary, Doctors, Consultants, Architects, Engineers, Chartered Accountant, Insurance Agents, Contractors, brokers, Tour & Travels Operators, Advertise Agency, Cable TV Operators, Tutions and Tutorial Institutions, Angadia, Couriers, Health & Recreation Clubs, Share Brockers, Owner Of Petrol Pump, transporters, Money Lenders, Video Parlor, RTO Agents, Co-Operative Society etc. and all Type of Professional as per Fianance Dept. Notification Dt.01/04/2008. 2000/-
2 All Private & Public Limited Companies, Factory Owners, Partnership Firms, All Banking Companies etc. 2000/-
3 Individuals Or Professional have to Pay Seperately more than one branch 2000/-
4 Registered Dealers as per Gujarat Vat Act -2003 having their annual Turn Over. -
(A) Not more than Rs.2,50,000/- NIL
(B) Above Rs. 2,50,000/- up to Rs. 5,00,000/- 500/-
(C) Above Rs. 5,00,000/- up to Rs. 10,00,000/- 1250/-
(D) More than Rs.10,00,000/- 2400/-

The professional tax rate for Salaried /Wages Employees. (Effective from: - Dt. 01/04/2013)

Sr.No. Monthly Salary/Wages Amount Rs. Monthly Profession Tax Rate Rs.
1 Less Than Rs. 6,000/- NIL
2 Rs. 6,000/- or Above but less than Rs. 9,000/- 80/-
3 Rs. 9,000/- or Above but less than Rs. 12,000/- 150/-
4 Rs.12,000/- or Above 200/-
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