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Light Department


Various Functions of light department are described as under:

  • Street Lights
  • High-Mast
  • Energy Efficiency Cell
  • Energy saving project initiated by Light department
  • Electrification and Comprehensive O & M
  • Correspondence with Energy Suppliers
  • Flag-ship projects of AMC

Organization Structure

Water Project Department

Street Lights

The street Lighting is decentralized with all the zones and the Street light Department at the Head Quarters co-ordinates all this activities. Further, street light section monitors of providing new street light poles on all road within AMC limits. Operation & Maintenance of all the street light poles are executed mainly through contracting system. This section also works for the installation of timers (astronomical, digital or analog based) as per the requirement.

Clear Lamp - 06 Mercury - 3980
Tubelight -38900 Sodium light -61450
C.F.L. -16800 Highmast -245
28W T-5 Tubelight -9900 L.E.D.Light - 5500


Light department is looking after the Installation & Comprehensive maintenance of High- mast lighting system provided at various cross-road junctions or at dense public places. High-mast poles are also provided on BRTS routes.

List of Head-Masts installed at different locations accrosthe city is mentioned below:

Central Zone

North Zone

South Zone

East Zone

West Zone

New West Zone

Energy Efficiency Cell

Recently, AMC has started the Energy Efficiency Cell (E E Cell) to address energy conservation issues and thereby minimize the ever increasing energy consumption by all ways possible


Continuous upgradation of process with energy efficient and eco friendly technology to minimize the energy cost without effecting output in services provided by AMC.


  • To conduct internal audit to identify energy conservation opportunities for continual improvements on a sustained basis.
  • To study different energy conservation projects and submit feasibility report.
  • To find out the sources of procuring power for different services at lowest possible price.
  • For tariff related issues presentation in GERC to protect the interest of AMC.
  • Scrutiny and Monitoring of energy bills of different categories.
  • Renewable power generation projects like Solar power, Wind power and waste - to - energy projects.
  • Scrutiny of project files having more than 30 KW power loading w.r.t energy efficiency.
  • Promoting and propagating energy awareness among all the employees and citizens through IEC (Information, Education and Communication).


  • Energy bill analysis was started by E E Cell to keep checks on the energy consumed by the organization. Tariff rationalization is one of the biggest measures from bill analysis through which appropriate tariff was applied to concerned electricity supplier.
  • Internal walk through audit by E E Cell at different AMC services such as pumping stations, office buildings, Hospitals, Public gardens etc. was started. In such visit reports, E E Cell suggests different Energy Conservation Measures like DSM (Demand Side Management), Power Factor Improvement, Replacement of old inefficient machineries and proper lighting.
  • In Reference to the different acts, E E Cell applied for electricity duty exemption in AMC's eligible public services permitted by the concerned act.
  • AMC's Energy efficiency cell establishes contacts with various government organizations related to energy sector such as GEDA, GUVNL and GERC.
  • To update the knowledge and being in touch with current market practices, energy efficiency cell attends seminars / lectures / programs related to energy sector.
  • E. E. Cell on regular intervals publishes energy conservation related circulars on AMC's public domain from time to time for the awareness of AMC's employees.
  • For new and upcoming projects having electrical loading more than 30 KW, E.E. Cell suggests different energy saving methods wherever applicable.

Summary of energy saving (Till May 2014) by AMC's E.E. Cell, is given below.

Sr.No Description Total Service Estimated Saving In INR Per Annum In Lakhs Total Approved Service Saving Start In Rs. Per Annum In Lakhs Total Pending Service Estimated Pending Saving In Rs. Per Annum In Lakhs
1 ZERO CONSUMPTION OF HT BILL 2 8.13 2 8.13 0 0.00
2 APPLY FOR TARIFF CHANGE 38 30.21 35 23.09 3 7.12
3 APPLY FOR ELECTRICAL DUTY EXEMPTION 60 239.93 44 205.12 16 34.81
4 IN HOUSE ENERGY AUDIT 31 160.65 17 102.21 14 58.44
5 SOLAR POWERPPA WITH TPL 2 70.00 0 0.00 2 70.00
6 REFUND OF SD FROM TPL 9 2.35 0 0.00 9 2.35
7 P.F REFUND FROM TPL 3 0.70 3 0.70 0 0.00
8 ED REFUND FROM UGVCL / TPL 34 67.80 34 67.80 0 0.00
TOTAL 179 579.77 135 407.05 44 172.72

Energy saving project initiated by Light department

Light department and Energy Efficiency Cell have coordinated for different energy saving projects such as renewable energy source, Installation of various ES devices etc.

Electrification and Comprehensive O & M

Light department is also looking after electrification and comprehensive O&M of,

  • All Office buildings of AMC
  • Hospitals run by AMC
  • Crematoriums run by AMC
  • Swimming pools run by AMC
  • Public gardens and joggers park
  • School Buildings

Commissioning and respective comprehensive O&M of different equipments are performed by Light department such as,

(a) All individual Air-conditioners as well as package plants, HVAC systems provided at different location of AMC

(b) Elevators / Lifts provided at office buildings and hospitals run by AMC

(c) Water coolers and air-coolers

(d) Chlorination & filtration plants provided at swimming pools & pumping stations which are run by light department.

(e) Sound systems provided at different community halls/ re-creation halls or at office buildings as and when required.

Correspondence with Energy Suppliers

AMC has approximately over 4000 electrical services for different public facilities. New electrical services, Load extensions / reduction required in existing services, service removal on permanent basis and security deposits related matters are monitored by lightdepartment. Apart from this activity, fault detections and corresponding solutions are also monitored by the light department.

Flag-ship projects of AMC

Electrification of flag-ship projects at AMC such as New V.S Hospital, SRFDCL and Bhadra plaza projects are monitored by Light department.

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