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Heritage Cell within Amdavad Municipal Corporation was established in collaboration with CRUTA Foundation, an NGO, in July 1996 with the objective of initiating strategic intervention to conserve and promote the rich heritage of the city. It was the first heritage cell in India within an Urban Local Body (ULB). As the result of various Heritage initiatives undertaken during the last two decades, the AMC has become a national leader in urban heritage conservation. Many Indian cities are now replicating Ahmedabad model to conserve their heritage. The heritage cell has now been upgraded and transformed into a full fledged Heritage Department. This initiatives have led to inscription of Historic City of Ahmedabad on the World Heritage list by UNESCO.

Organization Structure of the Department

Roles & Functions

Heritage Department acts as a catalyst to preserve the cultural heritage, both tangible& intangible heritage aspects of the city. It undertakes programs and projects such as heritage awareness creation and educational programs, identification and listing of heritage resources, conduction of heritage walk, organizing promotional programs, and heritage based lectures, seminars, conferences, painting competitions, exhibitions, besides physical conservation and restoration of heritage buildings and structures located in the city. Processing of heritage building Repair/ restoration application including obtaining recommendations of the Heritage Conservation Committee appointed by the Govt. of Gujarat on matters related to Heritage Conservation.

Details of Officials of the Department

Sr.No. Name of Officer Designation Contact Number
1 Shri V.K. Mehta Dy.Municipal Commissioner(C.Z. / Heritage) -
2 Shri Ashok M. Saxena Adl. City Engineer(C.Z. / Heritage) -
3 Shri Ashish Trambadia Dy.General Manager. (Heritage Project) (I / C) -
4 Shri Soniya Bhavsar Asst. Manager (I / C) -
5 Ms. Bhartiben N. Patel Asst.City Engineer -
6 Shri Gunjan V. Patel Asst. Engineer -
7 Shri Nishith C. Sevak T.D.O. Inspector -
8 Shri Vipul Desai T.D.O. Inspector -

Initiatives undertaken:

After the establishment of Heritage Cell in 1996, Heritage Walk was launched in 1997. An MOU with French Government was signed for co-operation to revitalize the walled city. In the year 2001, a tentative list of heritage buildings in the walled city was prepared in 2001. A number of privately owned heritage buildings have been restored with the technical support of the heritage cell. Every year World Heritage Week and World Heritage days are being celebrated with various cultural heritage, educational and promotional programs, including organizing guided visits to the city museum and heritage sites for school children besides organizing, photography exhibition, painting competitions etc.

  • Projects undertaken:

Apart from education and awareness programs a number of actual restoration and up gradation projects such as restoration of Tankshal- ni Haveli, Jamalpur Gate, Step well of Bapunagar, stepwell of Uttamnagar, Vadajstepwell, upgradation of Kavi Dalpatram Chowk, up gradation of AkhaBhagat Chowk, Restoration of Dandi Pol besides the restoration of more than 20 old Chabutras, Bhadra Fort Revitalization Project, Restoration of 75% of Fort Walls, Restoration of Calico Dome Basement, Restoration of Kankaria Lake have been successfully completed.

Major restoration projects currently under progress are:

(1) Restoration of Fortwalls
(2) Restoration of Kankaria lake steps and embankments
(3) Restoration of Raikhad Gate
(4) Restoration of Chabutaras at different location of walled city. (4) Restoration of Calico Dome.

A list of 2236 residential buildings and 449 institutional buildings in the old walled city of Ahmedabad have been notified in the Gujarat government official gazette, in the year 2016.


1. Ahmedabad has earned the distinction of the first Indian city to get inscribed on the World Heritage list by UNESCO in July 2017.
2. Best Heritage City award 2016-17 constituted by the Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India.

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