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Epidemic Control Cell

Epidemic Cell
Epidemic Cell, 2nd Floor, Kankaria UHC centre, Opp Kanak Society, Ved Mandir Road, Kankaria, Ahmedabad. Ph No: 079 32982451, Fax No: 25463892

Introduction to Epidemic Cell

Health Department Central Office collects all epidemic related data from

  • Governement and Private Hospital within the jurisdiction of AMC.
  • Urban Health Centre
  • Maternity Home
  • CHC
  • General Hospitals
  • square    V.S. Hospital
    square    Sardaben Hospital
    square    L.G.Hospital
    square    Infectious Diseases Hospital
    square    Civil Hospital
    square    Bapunagar General Hospital
    square    Sola Civil Hospital
  • 164 Private hospitals

Health Department Central Office also collects the following information:

  • Water-borne diseases (AGE, Typhoid, Jaundice, Cholera) Vector Borne Diseases (PV,PF, Dengue and Chickenguniya)and other epidemic diseases (swine-flu) from various hospitals.
  • Preventive Action report from all 6 zone of AMC.
  • Report from Food Department.

Roles & Function/Objective of Epidemic Cell

  • Data from different Hospitals/Institutes are compiled by Central Office and sent to Epidemic Cell for preventive action.
  • Central Head office sends all data to Zone /Ward level for epidemic survey.
  • Medical Officer of respected ward will survey the epidemic prone area of ward and take further action to control the epidemic.
  • Public Health Officer /Sanitary Inspector of respected Ward will take water sample and chlorine test and survey the epidemic prone area.
  • All zones have 1 mobile medical van. This mobile medical van covers the epidemic prone area on a daily basis and provided treatment to patients of that area (Chali/slums/construction.etc).
  • IEC activity done in different areas of AMC for water borne and vector borne diseases for awareness.
  • Tobacco control awareness programme is also being run. Every 3 months a meeting is held under the chairmanship of Police Commissioner for action.
  • Under plastic regulation rules under 40 micron plastic bags is banned. all preventive measures are taken by Health Department.


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