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Road Project

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation- Road Project Division intends to redevelop various major roads in the city of Ahmedabad. Major roads in Ahmedabad City with road-width of 60 ft. and above are being considered for this project work.

Followings are the major works normally carried out by Road Project Department:

  • Resurfacing of existing roads.
  • Widening of roads.
  • Footpath and central verge work.
  • Development of roads of new T.P.S.
  • Construction of P.Q.C. roads.
  • Construction of Multi Level Parking.
  • Construction of Model road in respect of full development like widening, wall to wall resurfacing, developing foot path and central verge, all traffic furniture like thermoplastic paints on roads, painting central verge and foot path kerb, fixing of cat eyes and median markers, sign boards, bollards etc. complete with all respect.
  • Road Project Department operates batch mix plant and provides hot mix materials to all zones of AMC for maintenance work as well as new development work.
  • Operation of Material testing laboratory to test all building and road materials.

Bridge Project

Bridge Project Department constructs Bridges on River, Railway Under Bridge / Over Bridges across Railway lines in lieu of Railway Crossing having heavy traffic, Fly Over on major road junctions to avoid traffic conjunctions and to facilitate smooth traffic in the city. Bridge Project Department also constructs and maintains culverts & minor bridges on Canal / Nala as per requirement of traffic also consultation with irrigation department. Widening of existing Railway Crossing in coordination with Railway Authority to provide sufficient width compare to approach roads. Also carries out maintenance work of existing bridges and restoration work of old bridges. Construction of Foot Over Bridge on Railway lines as a depository work with Railway Authority.

Organization Structure of the Department

Roles & Functions/Objectives of the Department

Road Project

  • Develop entire Right of Way-reduce dust pollution
  • Make traffic smooth and orderly-reduce travel time, pollution
  • Increase safety for pedestrians and bicyclists.
  • Systematize on street parking-improve traffic, generate revenue
  • Systematize informal sector-improve traffic, cleanliness
  • Upgrade construction specifications-make streets longer lasting..
  • Create durable street Infrastructure-make streets easy to maintain.
  • Introduce a systematic way of designing and developing streets.
  • Introduce a modern approach to managing construction of streets.
  • Introduce a modern approach to managing maintenance of streets.
  • Make Ahmedabad more efficient & livable.

Bridge Project

  • To construct new bridges and to maintain / restore existing bridges.

Powers and duties of officers / employees

Sr. No. Officer / Employee Duties
1. Additional City Engineer Overall supervision of all works, administrative works etc.
2. Deputy City Engineer Overall supervision of all works, administrative works, 20% checking of measurements of final bill and 5% checking of measurements of running bill..
3. Assistant City Engineer Overall supervision of all works, administrative works, 100% checking of measurements, quality assurance of work etc..
4. Assistant Engineer Supervision of works, preparing of estimates & drafts of approval, correspondence regarding ongoing works, recording of measurements, maintaining all registers, quality assurance of work etc.
5. Technical Supervisor To assist the Assistant Engineer, maintaining all registers, quality assurance of work & all the works assigned by dept. etc.
6. Bridge Inspector Inspection of existing bridges & maintenance work of existing bridges etc.
7. Supervisor To assist the Assistant Engineer & all the works assigned by dept. etc.

Details of Officials of the Department

Sr. No. Name of Officer / Employee Designation Office no.
1 Shri Hitesh contractor C.E. (079) 25391811 Ext. 528
2 Shri Sanjay J Suthar D.Y. C. E -
3 Shri Kirit Parmar D.Y. C. E -
4 Shri Manishaben shah i/c D.Y. C. E -
5 Shri Jignesh K Shah D.Y. C. E -
6 Shri Maulik Vyas A. C. E -
7 Shri Maulik Zala A. C. E -
8 Shri Minesh D Shah A. C. E -
9 Shri Amit Bansal A. C. E -
10 Shri Meghal Naik A. C. E -
11 Shri Dinaben Cahuhan A. C. E -
12 Shri Pragnesh Tandel A. E -
13 Shri Sanjaykumar R Patel A. E -
14 Shri Rakesh Patel A. E -
15 Shri Subhas N Patel A. E -
16 Shri Maitrey N Vaghela A. E -
17 Shri Chairag Gangol A. E -
18 Shri Yogesh Pandya A. E -
19 Shri Mayur Patel A. E -
20 Shri Himanshu Pandya A. E -
21 Shri Jayesh Doshi A. E -
22 Shri Pruthvil V Barot A. E -
23 Shri Viralkumar D Patel A. E -
24 Shri Satish N. Vagheia A. E -
25 Shri Atul Patel A. E -
26 Shri Ramesh Parmar A. E -
27 Shri Hiren Oza A. E -
28 Shri Rahul Agraval A. E -
29 Shri Brijesh Patel A. E -
30 Shri Satish Patel A. E -
31 Shri Jatin Patel T. S -
32 Shri Dhaval Solanki T. S -
33 Shri Kavita Mehta T. S -
34 Shri Piyushkumar J Patel T. S -
35 Shri Brijeshkumar M Darji T. S -
36 Shri Ashish G Dudhat T. S -
37 Shri Shekh Shahista T. S -
38 Shri Brijesh Dervaliya T. S -
39 Shri Jignesh Padaya T. S -
40 Shri Mihir Patel T. S -
41 Shri Kinjal Vasava T. S -
42 Shri Arjun Satapara T. S -
43 Shri Prashant Sanghavi T. S -
44 Shri Jayesh Kaklotra T. S -
45 Shri Harsh Pandey T. S -
46 Shri Bhargav Patel T. S -
47 Shri Giraben Shah Senior Cleark -
48 Shri Vilashben Patel Supervisor -
49 Shri Sunilkumar Ninama Junior Cleark -
50 Shri Dharmishtbhai Dalsania Junior Cleark -

Initiatives taken by the Department

Road Project

  • Amdavad Municipal Corporation has taken up development of major roads under Model Road Project.
  • In this all major roads connecting to BRTS Corridors, Airport, National Highway, Sardar Patel Ring Road etc. are developed in full width (Wall to Wall) to make the road dust free.
  • In Ahmedabad City, length of bituminous paved roads is 2580 Km. Every year AMC is resurfacing major roads in newly merged or developing areas.
  • Construction of P.Q.C. road works.
  • Micro surfacing on existing roads to improve riding quality and road life.
  • Road resurfacing work execution by Batch Mix Plants only.
  • Use of Wet Mix Macadam (WMM) as a sub base material instead of gravel.

Bridge Project

  • Bridge project department has constructed New River Bridges, Fly over bridges and railway over bridges & Railway underpass based on existing and future forecasting of traffic survey data.
  • At Present, There are 07 River bridges, 21 Railway over bridges, 15 Railway under bridges and 15 Flyover and 3 minor Bridges and 7 canal culverts in the city.
  • Life span of old bridges has also increased by Repairing and strengthening of existing old bridges by special repair techniques. Replacement of damage Bearing and expansion joint in some bridges also done for improvement of riding quality.
  • Bridge Project Department appointed technical qualify consultant for inspection of each and every bridge once in year for 5 year period. Bridge Inspection work will be carried out most probably after monsoon as per Indian Road Congress (IRC) guideline & Based on inspection report submitted by consultant bridge repairing / strengthening and restoration work has been taken up with scientific method.
  • Bridge Project Department also carried out traffic survey at various heavily and congested traffic junctions as per IRC guideline from Educational institute before finalization of Bridge and also alignment of bridge.

Projects under taken by the Department

Road Project

  • Major roads connecting to BRTS Corridors, Airport, National Highway, Sardar Patel Ring Road etc. are developed.
  • Development of Model Road in full width (Wall to Wall) to make the road dust free
  • Construction of P.Q.C. roads.

Road Project

Based on CRRI traffic survey report and IIT RAM educational institute traffic survey report for major junctions of Ahmadabad City, Ahmadabad Municipal Corporation has prepared a priority list of proposed bridges to be constructed in current year and in future. During current year, department has planned to construct 4 Nos Railway over Bridge, 3 Nos Fly over Bridge And 1 Nos River over Bridge and 8 Nos Railway Under Bridge at Various Places of Ahmadabad City. Also restoration and replacement of Bearing and expansion joint work of Nehru Bridge is in progress in this year.

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