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Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation operates and maintains 9 Sewage Treatment Plants, 45 Sewage Pumping Stations and approximately 2500 kms. long Sewage Network throughout the city area.

Drainage Project Department of AMC is entrusted with the following responsibilities:

  • Setting up and maintaining new
  • Sewerage treatment plants
  • Sewage pumping stations
  • Storm water pumping stations
  • Laying drainage / storm water drainage networks in existing as well as newly merged area.
  • Cleaning of main storm water and drainage trunk lines with the help of advance machineries and the work of old sewage main line rehabilitation (strengthening) is also taken up by this department.

The projects are being executed under AMC Capital Budget, JnNURM fund (Central Govt.) and other State Govt. funds.

Organization Structure

Water Project Department

Roles & Functions / Objectives

  • Consultants have been appointed for conducting surveys, planning, estimation and tendering of new projects as well as upgradation of existing drainage system setup.
  • To frame annual budget as per priority of work.
  • To co-ordinate with all Zonal Engineering Departments as well as Estate Department with regard to implementing Drainage Projects.
  • To liason with different Central/State Govt. Departments in the matter of project implementation and completion.
  • To take necessary approval of work from competent AMC Authority before allotment of work to the implementing agency.
  • To execute the project work as per the tender terms and condition under constant supervision of drainage project staff.
  • To prepare a contractor bill as per the work execution after certification from Third Party Inspection Agency, where ever applicable.
  • To prepare Daily/Weekly/Monthly work progress report.

Initiatives taken by the Department

Tertiary Treatment

  • All the 9 existing STPs (Sewerage treatment plant) are up to Secondary treatment. Tertiary treated water can be recycled and reuse in Industries, Plantation and Lakes/River.
  • 60 MLD TTP for Narol Industries is under process at the cost of INR 80.15 Crores.

Selling of Sewage

  • Raw Sewage to the Industries at INR 2.60 per kiloliters for dilution.
  • Secondary treated sewage of S.T.P. to the Industries at INR 4.60 per kiloliters for dilution.

By product of STP

  • Selling of S.T.P Sludge as manure at INR 285 per cubic mtr.
  • Selling of Gas at INR 9.18 per cubic mtr. from bottling plant.

Rehabilitation of Old Sewerage Lines with Trenchless methods

The Crown corrosion of old sewerage lines of city due to sewage Gas leads to major breakdowns. The pipes need to be strengthened by Trenchless Rehabilitation Method Especially in case of narrow Road/Street without disturbing existing Under Ground Service Lines and Traffic.

Projects undertaken by the Department

Sr. No. Name of the Project Under taken Status of work


1. Jodhpur Storm Water Drainage work (Tender 1) 11%
2. Jodhpur Storm Water Drainage work (Tender 2) 13%
3. Laying canal pushing work between Umang Bunglow to Bagefirdosh Pumping station at Indrapuri Ward South Zone 95%
4. Drainage network line between Ramol to Hathijan Ward near Mansi tenement area 65%
5. Setting up Drainage Pumping station at Chiloda area T.P. 99 45%
6. Work of making ventilating column under the existing drainage project line 95%
7. Work of making ventilating column under the existing drainage project line at the West Zone. 90%
8. Setting up Drainage Pumping station at Chenpur 95%
9. Work of making ventilating column under the existing drainage project line at the New West Zone. 95%
10. Setting up Drainage Pumping station at Meghaninagar area North Zone 60%
11. Laying of storm water drainage line near Parimal Under pass 95%
12. Setting up Drainage Pumping station at Vejalpur area 0%
13. Setting up Drainage network in Vejalpur area 0%
14. Setting up Storm water drainage network at Kubernagar area 0%
15. Lake Development work at Maleksaban area East Zone 0%
16. Setting up Storm water drainage network at Chandlodia area 0%
17. R.M.S. Lake development works Phase 1 0%
18. Setting up a drainage network in Hathijan area 0%

Capital Budget

1. Repairing and Installing Sewage network at T.P. Scheme No. 54,57,58,80,85 at Lambha and Vatva ward, South Zone 65%
2. Setting up Drainage pumping at Ranip area 30%
3. Work between Jagatpur and Tragad regarding pushing 1600 diameter pipe line 70%
4. Drainage line desilting work between Dedaki garden to Balvantrai Hall 40%
5 Siphoning work of storm water drainage at fatehwadi canal 30%
6 Construction of Admin Building 126 M.L.D S.T.P 22%
7 Developing Lambha Lake 25%
8 Developing Vatva Lake 30%
9 Renovation / Desilting at Dedaki garden duct 25%
10 Drainage Network at Behrampura ward South Zone 50%
11 Drainage Line Desiltation work at different different zones 95%
12 Sarkhej Haidernagar Drainage network 90%
13 Keshavnagar pumping rising line work 90%
14 Drainage line desiltation work at Lambha ward South Zone 60%
15 Desiltation work with equipments at over all AMC old sewage trunk main and storm water 90%
16 Drainage network at Behrampura ward South Zone 35%
17 Sarkhej Roza Drainage network 65%
18 Storm water drainage network at Kali Chandkheda area 90%
19 Balolnagar Railway pipe pushing 0%
20 Chenpur Railway Box pushing 0%


1. Drainage network under the JnNurm Scheme SN-NWZ-13 95%
2. Drainage network under the JnNurm Scheme SN-NWZ-18 90%
3. Setting up Drainage pumping station at Motera 0%
4. Drainage network under the JnNurm Scheme SN-NEZ-11 0%
5. Railway box pushing work at chandlodia, sanand 2000 dia, hebatpur 0%
6. Railway box pushing work at Sarkhej, Vastrapur 2200 dia 0%

Pro-active Disclosure 2013, under RTI

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