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Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation is an Urban Local Body which provides many civic facilities including basic facilities like Road, Water, Drainage, Streetlight etc to the Citizens of Ahmedabad. The sources of revenue are Property tax, Professional tax, Vehicle tax etc. Citizens can pay such taxes through city civic centers established by E-Governance Department of AMC. The purpose of Civic Centers is to promote Efficiency, Transparency and Responsiveness of AMC. The effective utilization of ITES through E-Governance Department has gradually increased the number of Services and the number of Civic centers in Ahmedabad. All Civic centers are connected through lease lines with the Main Server. Citizens can pay taxes at any of the civic centers in the city. In addition to the operations of Civic Centers, there are various projects like CCRS (Comprehensive Complaint Redressal System), CCTV Surveillance, managed by E-Governance department of AMC.

Organization Structure of the Department

Role & Functions / Objective of Department

Over and above implementing and managing all the computer hardware and software requirements of Amdavad Municipal Corporation, the E-Governance Department is involved in the implementation of the following projects:

  2. CCRS (Comprehensive Complaint Redressal System)
  3. GIS (Geographic Information System)
  4. Managing 54 Civic Centres
  5. CCTV Surveillence
  6. Engineering Module
  7. Develop Software as per requirement
  8. AMC Employee Pay-Roll
  9. AMC Property Tax Bill and NoticePrinting
  10. AMC Professional Tax Bill and Notice Printing
  11. Income Tax Statement printing
  12. E-Tendering
  13. Communication (Telephone, Mobile, Data card etc.Bill Payment)

Projects Undertaken

  2. CCRS (Comprehensive Complaint Redressal System)
  3. GIS (Geographic Information System)
  4. CCTV Surveillance
  5. Engineering Module
  6. 60 City Civic Centers, 1 BPSP Center and 1 RTO Collection Center Operations

Awards / Achievements

  1. International Best Practices 2004, City Civic Centers & E- Governance , Ahmedabad, India: Selected as One of the Six Best Practices in the World & has been termed as A Community Service Revolution By ICMA (International City/County Management Association)
  2. Govt. of India's National Award for e Governance 2008-09 Exemplary Horizontal Transfer of ICT-based Best Practice Category- GOLD Award to " E- City ", Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation-Governance
  3. Winner for the Award: "ICT Enabled Municipal Initiative of the Year" Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation e-Governance at India's Largest ICT event on e-Governance at Hyderabad
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