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Within the AMC limits, all properties are assessed and tax is collected by the Assessment and Tax Collection Department.

Organization Structure of the Department

Details of Officials of the Department Zone Office Address Name of Officer Designation
1TAX CENTRAL OFFICE5th Floor, Old Mun. Building SardarPatel Bhavan, DanapithShri Debashish BanerjeeAssessor and Tax Collector
2CENTRAL5th floor,Old Mun. Building Sardar Patel Bhavan, DanapithShri Nagarajan NaiduDy.Assessor& Tax Collector
3NORTHRajiv Gandhi Bhavan, Memco Char Rasta, Naroda RoadShri Dilip PatelDy.Assessor& Tax Collector
4SOUTHShyamprasad Mukherjee Bhavan, Rambaug,Opp.Fire Station, ManinagarShri Dinesh AsariDy.Assessor& Tax Collector
5EASTHarubhai Mehta Bhavan Virat Nagar Char RastaShri Kanaksinh RohadiyaDy.Assessor& Tax Collector
6WESTDr.Ramanbhai Patel Bhavan,Usmanpura CharRastaShri Dipak PatelDy.Assessor& Tax Collector
7NORTH WESTNear Atithi Dining Hall,Near Deep Tower, InThe Lane of Shradha Petrol Pump, BodakdevShri Manish ShahDy.Assessor& Tax Collector
8SOUTH WESTJodhpur Ward Office, Old Nagarpalika Office, Near Ramji Temple, Jodhpur GamShri Mukesh PatelDy.Assessor& Tax Collector
  • Roles & Functions :

There are two types of Properties:Residence and Non-Residence:-

Property tax is calculated as per the carpet area of the property and 4 factors, namely location factor,Agefactor,type of building/use of the property factor,occupancy factor.

Rate: ForResidence: Rs.16/-persq. meter
ForNon-residence Rs.28/-persq. meter

GeneralTax=CarpetArea(sq.mts.)xRatexF1xF2xF3xF4 -

F1 = LocationFactor
F2 = AgeFactor
F3 = UsageFactor
F4 = OccupancyFactor

F1= LocationFactor For residence and Non-residence

Residence&Non-residence Factor
Posharea 1.60
Goodarea 1.10
Mediumarea 0.90
Poorarea 0.60

F2 = Age Factor

Age of Building Factor

< 10years











Type of Building: Factor
Individual Bungalow 1.50
Tenement 1.00
RowHouse 1.00>
Flat 0.70
Gamtal 0.70
Pole 0.70
Chawl(Morethan25sq.mts) 0.50
  • ForNon-Residence: UseFactor

The designated rate shall be increased or neither be increased nor be decreased or decreased having regard to the purpose for which the buildings other than residential are used,as follows,namely:-

  • (a)The designated rate shall be increased by multiplying it-

1. Commercial properties by 7.0 inrespect of the buildings used as under:-

Bank, Dispensary, Hospital, Clinic, Maternity home, Laboratory, Central Government office,State Government office,Local bodies office,Postoffice, Commercial and / or industrialoffice,Oilcompany'soffice, Offices of Corporations,Tuitionclasses,Typing institute,godowns and warehousesof the properties falling in the above categories and those buildings which do not fall within any other sub-clause of this clause.

2. Shop, Hotel, Restaurant Entertainment Placesetc. by6.0 in respect of the buildings used as under:-

Shop, Hotel, Restaurant, EntertainmentPlaces, Openairtheatre, Petrolpump, Servicestation, Cinema, Club house, Gymkhana, Club smess, Lodging, Lodging and Boarding, Party plots (except community halls), Dish antennae, Pager Antennatowers, Signboard, hoarding, Mobile phone towers, godownsand warehouses of the properties falling in the above categories.

3. Industrial Units & Factories(only processing & manufacturing units) by 2.0 in respect of the buildings used as under:-

Electricity Power House, Electric substation, Aerated Water Factory, Bhattha, Brass Works, Brick and ceramic works, Cement Articles, Clay Mfg.unit, Chemical Factory, Confectionery, Dairy, Distillery, Foundry, Flour Factory, Iron Factory, ZincFactory, Silver ornamentFactory, Jaggary manufacturing unit, Leather manufacturing unit, Lime chakki, Limebhatthi, Oil extraction, Paper manufacturing, Plastic Factory, Pottery, Sagol manufacturing, Soap manufacturing, Sugar manufacturing, Tin Factory, Tobacco Factory, WorkShop, FactorySteam-Gill, Auto-Garage, Factory A, B, C, D, E, F, Mill, Powerloom, Hand loom, Bleaching, Bone washing, cotton spinning &dyeing, dyeing bleaching, Dhana-dalFactory, Leather processing, Screen printing, Sulfur processing, Starch processing, Variyali processing, Wool processing, Cold storage, Woodpitha, Bhathiyarkhana, Repairingworks, Nursery( flowerplants) Animalmarket, Cattlestable, Poultryfarm, Kennel, Milk cattles table, Weigh bridge, Binding press, Printing press,Processs tudio,Photo studio, Common effluent treatment plant, Godown sand Warehouses of the properties falling in the all above categories.

4. Educational & Social Institutions by2.0inrespect of the buildings used as under:-

Private Nursery(Bal-Mandir), Private and Govt. Schools, Privateand Govt.Colleges,University campus,Museum,Community halls,Social institutes run by public charitable trust(forthe welfare of women,old people,deaf,dumband blind, physically handicapped, mentally retarded people) and non grantable schools.

5. By 1.0 in respect of the buildings used as under :-

Watertank,Water pumproom,Drainage pumping stations,Dhobighat,Grantable schoolsrunby Public Charitable Trust,Boarding-Lodging-Hostels run by Public Charitable Trust and Religious Institutions,Dharma-shala,Ashram,Library.

6. By 0.0 in respect of the buildings used as under :-

Temple,Mosque,Derasar(Jain Temple), Church,Roza, Tombs,Gurudwara(Sikh Temple), Apasara, Darga, Agiyari, Samadhi, Graveyard, Kabrastan, crematorium, well, havada, hamamkhana(public bath), mattinaakhada, madrasa,pathshala, freewaterparab

F4 = OccupancyFactor

Type Residance Factor Non Residance Factor
OWNER 1.00 1.00
TENANT 1.00 2.00
  • As pe Section 141e(1) non-residential properties situated other than ground floor,rebate of 20% of the amount of general taxleviable on buildings
Use of Prop Water Tax Conservancy Tax
FOR FACTOR-7PROP. 35%OF Gen.Tax 35%OF Gen.Tax
FORFACTOR-6PROP. 40%OF Gen.Tax 40%OF Gen.Tax
FOR FACTOR-2PROP. 35%OF Gen.Tax 35%OF Gen.Tax
FOR FACTOR-1PROP. 30%OF Gen.Tax 30%OF Gen.Tax

MinimumTax: (a) Residential Properties:

S.No. Type of Building Property Area in Sq.mts. Minimum General Tax
1 Huts - 84/-
2 Chawl Lessthan25sq.mts 264/-
3 Other Lessthan30sq.mts 264/-
4 Other 30sq.mtsto50sq.mts 300/-
5 Other >50sq.mts. 330/-

(b)For Non-residential Properties

S.No. Type of Building Property Area in Sq.mts. Minimum General Tax
1 Non-residence Lessthan15sq.mts 540/-
2 Non-residence 15sq.mtsto30sq.mts 660/-
3 Non-residence >30sq.mts 780/-
4 In some Non- residenceusageof properties. - 900/-

Services offered by the Department:

1- More than 61 city civic center run by AMC for help line to citizens and payment of tax at the nearest area of their premises.
2- Common database to facilitate online access
3- Citizen can access their tax calculation details,tax dues and paid details on website in property tax module.

Forms & Documents for Download:

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